Friday, October 19, 2007

Bjorn and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week

Gavin's mom came over for dinner last night I was going to make this. I started to cook but then had a kitty emergency and ended up at Dove Lewis with Bjorn last night for two hours. He had lost baby teeth and the new ones were irritating him so bad that he kept scratching at his mouth and getting his claws stuck in his cheeks.

Manically. All.Night.Long.

Then we went back to our vet this morning for nail clipping, anti-inflammatory shots and a new collar. Then home for some cuddle puddle-ries and homemade cat food.

All this after being neutered on Monday.

He is loved. I am tired.

p.s. Gavin thought he had Lesch-Nyhan syndrome.


alyson. said...

aw, poor guy!!! I kept meaning to ask you how they were doing after Monday's surgery.

when Moose lost his teeth, he just bit alot. we thought this would stop when his teeth grew in.

it didn't.

alyson. said...

but what a handsome kitty he is! even with that collar on.

MissRauer said...

aaaaawwweeeeee thats crazy! terrible horrible no good very bad week! snuggle him for me.