Sunday, February 24, 2008

Get to know your CSA

There are times that I feel ├╝ber privileged to live in Portland. Researching our local CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture) is one of those times.

A quick zip code search on Local Harvest pulls up six pages within the vicinity. There are farms that are basic full / half share vegetables, more specialty locations with heirloom varieties, berries, meats, egg shares, honey shares, etc.

I have been assessing my needs and determined that heirloom varietals of fruits and veggies are a necessity along with the option of an egg share and convenient pick up.

I am leaning towards Viridian Farms mostly because they do fresh herbs along with fruits and veggies including squash blossoms, radicchio, cardoon. mmmm.

Others I considered are:

Winter Green Farm

Dancing Roots Farm

Pumpkin Ridge Gardens - Year Round

Love Farm Organics

I recommend this as a way to indulge in locally grown produce. Local Harvest is a great resource and has lists of CSAs across the US.