Sunday, October 21, 2007

Ah midterms...

There is nothing like pending prospect of failure and responsibility to urge me towards procrastination. I am master of the domain. In fact, I once procrastinated by listening to a radio program on that very topic. Procrastinating via listening about procrastination. If that wasn't an epiphany moment I don't know what is.

The funny thing about procrastinating is that it makes me really creative. Like last spring term when I made a fresh crab strata instead of studying for my anatomy final. Both the final and the strata turned out really well. Then there was every summer a&p exam. I had learned early on in the term that I really enjoy Sangria. It is refreshing, fun to make, more fun to drink but in the end, not the best studying companion. I think it was something about the alcohol, heat, reading and then needing naps combination.

The problem with this hurried sense of creativity is that it most often leads to injury. While slicing the crusty, three-day-old wheat levain for the strata I accidentally sliced through my finger. It was kinda like a lab practical.

"Look I can see all the layers! Epidermis...dermis, uh shit is that the fat in my subcutaneous layer...Should it be bleeding this much? When do we learn about these 'ouch' nerves I feel? That really fucking hurts."

Which brings me to this weekend. I have three papers and another a&p exam looming over me. I woke up at a decent time and by noon had accomplished starting a dough for some yeasted rolls, making crepes with chantrelles, and dirtying every dish in the kitchen. Not bad for being up for less that 2 hours.

Yumm breakie. You can't even think about studying on an empty stomach anyway...

Crepes with Chantrelles and Chevre

1lb. Chantrelle Mushrooms
1 large shallot
1 tsp fresh thyme
4 oz chevre
olive oil

1 cup flour
1 cup broth
3 eggs
1/2 tsp salt
2 tbsp melted butter

For filling:
Saute mushies and shallots about 8 minutes until soft in olive oil. Add thyme and stir until fragrant. Add chevre and s&p to taste. Mix until cheese is melted and all is combined.

For crepes:
Blend together all ingredients in a blender until smooth about 30 seconds. Heat a crepe pan, cast iron or non-stick skillet over med-heat. Add a little butter to the pan and melt. Put 1/3 cup of batter into the pan and swirl around until there is a large thin circle of batter. Cook until the top is almost dry and then flip and cook briefly.

Assemble crepes by rolling a little bit of filling into a pancake and topping with creme fraiche and more fresh thyme if you like.

This was super fun to make. It made me want to have a crepe party where I make a bunch of different fillings and pancakes and watch some thing fabulous like 2 Days in Paris or Eagle vs. Shark. And champagne cocktails...

After midtems. After midterms. After midterms. (I ll just keep saying that to myself until Thursday.)

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