Monday, October 15, 2007

Pike's Place

I forgot about 3 more great things about my trip to Seattle:
1.) Breakie of groats with honey, almonds and half and half at The Crumpet Shop. yummmm
2.) Pike's Market where I scored dahlia's, parsnips, escarole, cippolini's, leeks, a gorgeous bulb of fennel, tomatoes (green, red and yellow cherry), rutabaga, bosc pears, and squashes (delicata, acorn and ambercup). I got all at Frank's produce at the market.
3.) New friend whom I met after Daniel's show that works at Franks. She told me about The Crumpet Shop and helped me pick my produce. She was beautiful, outgoing and extremely personable.

I can't wait to cook with all my fresh goodies. I'm thinking an escarole soup, root vegetable pot pie, homemade goat's milk ricotta and squash bake....what else?

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Dr. Gabbo said...

This is one of those things that makes life easy to enjoy for me.

Hun - you don't need an apostrophe to pluralize squash.